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Hoyt Ignite RTH Package

Ignite is the perfect HOYT bow that does it all for that growing bowhunter. Ignite features an incredible 19 to 30 inch draw range with one cam and an astounding 15 to 70 pounds draw weight, all in one bow. Legendary HOYT reliability. Low-torque grip. Tech Riser and Split Limb technology. Ignite is packed with features to start them right, shoot their best and keep up as they grow - all at an unbelievable price. Let your archery passion catch fire with Ignite.



- 300 FPS

- 8" Brace height

Ignite Package

Also available as a package bow equipped with exclusive FUSE Accessories. Everything you need for the hunt.

  • FUSE ProFire 3 Pin Sight
  • FUSE Vector 4 Arrow Quiver
  • Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

Bare Bow  $459.00  Quantity :
RTH Package  $550.00  Quantity :
Target Colours  $550.00  Quantity :